My name is Dr Noémi Szénási. After graduating from the Dental Faculty of the Semmelweis University of Medicine, I spent 10 years working at private dental clinics focussing on the treatment of mainly foreign patients from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland and the Scandinavian countries.


I have now started private practice to use my expertise, experience, German and English language skills for the benefit of my Hungarian and foreign patients in my own surgery. As opposed to some dental clinics that work on an "industrial scale", I have now realized an old dream: working out and implementing the ideal treatment plan for my patients, dedicating my full attention and the time it takes in a friendly and relaxed environment. I firmly believe that superior quality and permanent results can only be achieved if commitment and empathy are combined with continuous professional training, state-of-the-art instruments and a background of highly-trained and well-equipped team of dental technicians.


This is exactly what MyDentist can provide for you in its air-conditioned surgery in the heart of Budapest at 52 Váci Street.